Amateur Tights

Photos of real women of all ages, shapes and sizes wearing tights / pantyhose.

All the photos contained in this blog have been found on the Internet or have been re-blogged from other sources.

Contact me if you need any of the photos removed and this will be done ASAP.

This is a NSFW blog and is for Adults only 18+
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amateur-tights amateur-tights Said:

I think my wife got a little careless with her skirt, oy maybe she didn’t!

When I have my wife dress like this it is all about teasing, flashing and having fun. We love it and the attention she gets. Her panties are soaked by the time we get home!

Love when my wife wears her spikes and a short skirt. She gets a lot of stares from both men and women when they see her panty hose band showing beneath her skirt, I love it.

PVC & HOSE..Mmmmm

PVC & HOSE..Mmmmm

Quite a spread from my wife.

My wife loves to drive around in the car and show off her pantyhose.